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What to know about Canton Fair before going?

Tip 1: Planning ahead

Tip 2: Organize your ideas

Tip 3: Before entering the country

Tip 4: Cost Tip 5: Hotel options

Tip 6: How to reach the fair?

Tip 7: From Where you should start?

Tip 8: Don't know Chinese. What should you do?

Tip 9: Where can you exchange US dollars?


A life-changing experience with Gasdum, here are some points mentioned below that I experienced during this tour:

  • Meeting with an international student from China

  • First Encounter with Gasdum

  • Current Experience with Gasdum

  • Best Suppliers of Bathroom Cabinets

In Europe, the demand for sanitary ware is huge, especially for bathroom cabinets, and there is an ever-growing demand for them. In Gasdum, I see a supplier with a trustworthy.......
  • Be a sanitary ware wholesaler to earn profit

  • Sanitary ware products produced by Gasdum

  • Sanitary ware manufacturers in China

  • How to interact with manufacturers

  • How to import Sanitary Wares from China

  • Are the items allowed in your country?

  • Does a cost estimate of the shipping

  • Problems you may encounter when you import

  • How to overcome these problems?

  • Why choose Gasdum?