Lose Reparatur oder Austausch von Toilettensitzen

Loose toilet seat repair or replacement

If you have a loose toilet seat it can usually be repaired by tightening the seat bolts. If the toilet seat is cracked, however, you will need to replace the entire seat. It’s an easy job and we’ll show you how to take care of both jobs.

Loose toilet seat bolts

If the toilet seat bolts are loose the seat will wobble around on the toilet bowl.

Expose bolt to fix loose toilet seat

You may need to flip up a plastic cap to expose bolt.

First, locate where the bolts go through the toilet bowl. The bolt will either be a traditional bolt with a flat-head slot on the top, like a traditional bolt, or be permanently affixed to the seat. If your seat uses a traditional-style bolt there may be have a plastic cap you will need to flip open to expose the bolt.

Next, with a pair of adjustable pliers gently tighten the bolt at the bottom of the bowl housing.


Loose toilet seat bolt

An example of a bolt you might see on your loose toilet seat.

If you have a traditional-style bolt you should u use a flat head screw driver to hold the bolt steady. Tighten firmly, but not so tight that your risk cracking the bowl.


If the bolts are corroded or damaged they will need to be replace. Be certain to purchase the same size bolt from the hardware store. To loosen corroded bolts you may need to apply penetrating oil and let it sit for several hours. If that does not work you can use a hack saw to remove the bolts.


Toilet seat is cracked

If the toilet seat is cracked or otherwise damaged it will need to be replaced. To begin, remove the bolts in the manner described above and lift the seat from the bowl.


When you purchase a replacement toilet seat, be certain it is the same width and length as the one you are replacing. There are a variety of toilet sizes and you will want yours to exactly match. You can bring your old seat to the store to make sure you get the correct size and color.


Installing the toilet seat is a snap. Simply put the seat on the top of the bowl and feed the bolts through the holes. Place the nuts on the bottom of the bolts and tighten using an adjustable wrench. Be sure you do not over tighten as this could crack the bowl.

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